In most of our time, a lot of living goes on our home. Many people love to decorate and renovate their lovely homes and rooms. Just like the impulse to buy new clothes, many people are willing to buy "new clothes" for their furniture. As most of our customers said: I can’t change my sofa often, but why don’t I change my sofa cover often?

Fortunately, due to the rich creativity of humans today, you only need to find a product you like that can make your home look new, then buy it, and you can renovate your furniture and room!


HOTNIU HOME DECOR - We Are Just Such a Team.

We are proud to be one of the best furniture covers vendor in the world! As long as the furniture needs to cover or to protect, we have almost found excellent and high-quality products for you-

Sofa Covers/Pillowcases/Chair Covers/Tablecloths...

and we are constantly innovating!


Well protection can make your furniture more valuable

Purchasing furniture covers can protect or refresh your furniture. On the other hand, you are also contributing to protec our planet -did you know that 9 million tons of furniture are landfilled every year? If you are just tired of the furniture at home, you might as well try to buy and use our various covers! They will breathe new life into your furniture, or provide you with all kinds of crazy ideas for refurbishing the room!


What makes us the happiest thing every day is to hear the happy voice of our customers, who have changed the furniture, room, home and life with our help. And, we are absolutely passionate about the challenge of finding the perfect fit for different styles of furniture!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are very happy to hear your voice and help you change your home. You can contact us via FACEBOOK, where you can receive some of our posts every day. Or send us an email directly via


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